host-identifier with IPv6

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Wed Mar 4 03:01:42 UTC 2009

Uhm, cable modems are handed out their configuration based on MAC addresses
(which are tied to a customer's account to).

That's several million right there.


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This is going to sound callous.   Please don't take it that way - I'm
asking this question sincerely.   I do not understand why you have a
"mac-centric workflow."   I do not understand why you think not using
the Mac address is going to be a source of such pain.   You call it a
"showstopper."   That's *astonishing* to me.

To me, the idea of tracking every mac address of every device on a
network by walking around with a keyboard or a bar-code scanner and
entering them all into a database is the very definition of "pain and
suffering." DHCP's whole raison-d'être is to save you, the network
administrator, the effort of walking around doing a manual process on
each machine.

So why is it that you have chosen this model - what is the value that
it adds, and why is it that there is no better solution that involves
less work?

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