dissecting DHCP - Q4

Tina Siegenthaler tina at zool.uzh.ch
Tue Mar 24 14:41:02 UTC 2009

> Defryn, Guy wrote:
>> Is there a way to tell which DHCP server issues a lease to a Linux  
>> box?
>> In Windows I get the info with ipconfig /all.
>> In Linux I checked the dhclient.leases file but that almost seems  
>> like
>> the initial configuration. Currently my lease is coming from the  
>> other server and not the
>> one specified as dhcp-server-identifier in the dhclient.leases file.

Does anyone know by chance where this info could be found on Mac OS X?  
Just asking out of curiosity, but it might also be handy for  
troubleshooting, and I couldnt' find it; at least it's not in /var/db/ 


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