Configuration problem

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Sun May 3 17:17:52 UTC 2009

As other have said, the fixed address statement means that the client 
is not getting an address from that pool, therefore options defined 
in the pool are not "in scope" for that client. Since you are running 
version 4, you might consider a reserved lease for this client 
instead of a host statement with fixed address.

I believe the only way to configure that at the moment is :
Stop the server.
Manually append a skeleton lease record to the lease file for the 
client, but include the reserved statement.
Expand the pool to include the address.
Start the server.

The client will then still get the "fixed" address, but it will be 
getting it from the pool and so the option will be in scope - and 
also the lease will go through the normal lifecycle, and dynamic DNS 
will happen (if configured). Because the lease is set as reserved, 
even if it expires then the address will not be given to another 

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