Configuration problem

MickB mickb at
Sun May 3 17:34:28 UTC 2009

I understand better now, with all these explanations. Thanks to everyone !

Simon Hobson a écrit :
> As other have said, the fixed address statement means that the client 
> is not getting an address from that pool, therefore options defined in 
> the pool are not "in scope" for that client. Since you are running 
> version 4, you might consider a reserved lease for this client instead 
> of a host statement with fixed address.
> I believe the only way to configure that at the moment is :
> Stop the server.
> Manually append a skeleton lease record to the lease file for the 
> client, but include the reserved statement.
> Expand the pool to include the address.
> Start the server.
> The client will then still get the "fixed" address, but it will be 
> getting it from the pool and so the option will be in scope - and also 
> the lease will go through the normal lifecycle, and dynamic DNS will 
> happen (if configured). Because the lease is set as reserved, even if 
> it expires then the address will not be given to another client.

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