DHCP Server not able to handle the Traffic

Agarwal Vivek-RNGB36 RNGB36 at motorola.com
Sun May 3 15:41:31 UTC 2009

Thanks Simon

The Asynchronous Syslog configuration works and DHCP Server is performance has improved significantly

Vivek Aggarwal

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At 11:19 +0100 27/4/09, Agarwal Vivek-RNGB36 wrote:
>Yes we have currently stopped the syslog. Can you please guide that 
>can stopping the Syslog lead to any issues.

Well it means that nothing on the system that uses syslog (ie most of 
it) will be able to log anything. So no logs of what anything has 
been doing, no logs to diagnose future problems, no logs to analyse 
security breaches, ... It's also possible that some software might 
not run properly if it can't log.

In other words, it's a really bad idea to turn it all off.

>How can we configure asynchronous syslog

You were told several postings ago how to do it.

And please stop asking privately (ie off-list) - keep the discussion 
on the list where others can see the question and answer, and may be 
able to add something useful. It also means that the question and 
answer will go in the archives so others may find it and not have to 
ask the same question again. I don't have time to provide personal 
one-one assistance.

Simon Hobson

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