[SPAM] how to get option 43 information at dhclient?

赵松 vin_do at live.cn
Mon May 4 02:13:59 UTC 2009

    hello everyone, i have some trouble about option 43(vendor-encapsulated-options), expect for your answer.
    I am a developer, i want use option 43 to get a IP address from DHCP server, then save this value to a text file.
    I use client: linux (fedora 6) isc-dhclient-v3.0.4-redhat     server: isc-dhcpd-v3.0.4-redhat  
    I had set option 43 value at DHCP server`s dhcpd.conf,     but how to set client if i want to get the option 43`s value ?
    and where i could find this value after set dhclient ? need to modify dhclient source code?   
    thank you~!
                best regards 

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