Announcing Gluff, a lease logger for ISC dhcp

Hans Liss Hans at
Wed May 6 07:58:28 UTC 2009


I just wanted to let other users of ISC dhcp know that I have built a 
lease logger for dhcpd using what I think is a pretty robust design.

Instead of trying to parse the existing logs, I patched dhcpd to log 
events to a queue table in an sqlite3 database, which is then consumed 
by a separate daemon that maintains lease extent records in a MySQL 
database. The system is built from the start to handle Option-82 data as 
well, so you will be able to find out to what switch port a particular 
IP address was connected at any point in the past, along with the MAC 

Take a look at for more 
information, and please send me any suggestions for improvements, bug 
reports etc.

/Hans Liss

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