IPv6 router advertisement

Paul Selkirk Paul_Selkirk at isc.org
Wed May 6 15:29:59 UTC 2009

Ted Lemon said:
> You can't do stateless autoconf in a /96.   Generally speaking, using  
> a /96 is going to create all kinds of problems - stateless won't work,  
> cga won't work, etc.   Here's what RFC2462 says:
> ... Note that interface identifiers will typically be 64-bits long  
> and based on EUI-64 identifiers as described in [ADDR-ARCH].
> This same text appears in RFC4862; I included the text from 2462  
> because it's shorter, but both documents say the same thing.

I stand corrected.  RFC4862 says "The length of the interface
identifier is defined in a separate link-type specific document",
without explicitly referring to RFC2464, which is where 64-bit
interface identifiers are mandated for SLAAC on ethernet.

That said, I doubt that clause of RFC2464 would (or even should)
prevent even a minimally competent hacker from modifiying his stack to
create arbitrary-length interface identifiers, regardless of the
hardware type.

But this is rather far afield from Mihai's problem, which now seems to
be about default route selection, and not about address assignment at all.


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