Using class to match iPhones, Wiis etc

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I will make a guess that it might be possible to set a QOS (cos) (dscp) priority on the dhcp traffic. Have you asked Cisco?

Classifying the clients in DHCP isn't going to solve a load issue at the firewall.

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Randall C Grimshaw wrote:
> The parameter request list (used as a fingerprint) of such Apple iDevices appears to be
1-3-6-15-119-252. The Packetfence project seems to have done a good job of
classifying these fingerprints.


> But I am in the camp that finds it hard to believe that DHCP is sagging under the weight of your wireless infrastructure.

You're right, it's not. I didn't choose my words carefully enough.  It's a
limitation in an FWSM (a DHCP relay agent) that the requests pass through
that's giving us fits.  The DHCP server doesn't see the requests at times.

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