Daniel Manser me at danielmanser.com
Fri May 8 08:46:20 UTC 2009

Hi Andre

> What type of CMTS are you working on? Cisco?
> I have also seen such things with Cisco CMTSes, but i do not know how
> to change the message type on the Cisco CMTSes.

We have several Bigband CUDA 12000 in production. CUDA used to use
message type 9. I know that CISCO CMTSs use a message type 13 (or
others, I'm not sure). So I don't know how to change that on CISCO,
maybe there's a configuration option.

The problem is that you probably have bought the CMTS before february
2006. that's when the RFC about leasequery was released, so CMTS
manufacturers just have used an unassigned message type.

I'd contact Cisco and ask about a firmware upgrade in case there is no
possibility to change it in the current firmware.


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