Failover Pair handing out 2 different Addresses.

Martin McCormick martin at
Mon Nov 2 19:52:12 UTC 2009

Randall C Grimshaw writes:
> 2 possibilities come to mind:
> The peer of older 3.x versions is not going to practice 
> mac-address-affinity so you may see the previous active server for an 
> expired lease provide the same ipnumber as before and the peer offer 
> something different. This is not considered broken, just irritating and I 
> think is fixed in the 3.1.1
> You should check however that the peer status of the pair is normal 
> because an ntp failure resulting in clock drift can disconnect the peer 
> pair and result in independent offers.

	Good suggestions. Thanks. The clocks are synced and the
status is normal. It may be time to upgrade, however from 3.0.7
to a newer dhcpd.

Martin McCormick

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