implementing dhcpv6

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Wed Nov 4 16:48:41 UTC 2009

> > DHCPv6 can be in much the same way as you'd have used DHCP in a v4  
> > environment, ie, use it to assign, an IP, subnet mask, default router,  
> > DNS, domain info, etc.
> Nope.  DHCPv6 can *not* be used to assign a subnet mask (prefix) or 
> default router.  You need a router that sends Router Advertisement 
> messages for that.
> So you need both a DHCPv6 server and a RA daemon/router.

And this is one of the significant problems with IPv6 in a DHCP based
environment. This may or may not end up being be solved - there is
*significant* religious opposition to the possibility of using DHCPv6
for everything.

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