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Hi Daniel

If you use separate dhclient.conf then you also need separate lease and
pid files. There are options for these in the dhcpd and dhclient man


>Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2009 15:34:50 -0500
>From: "Daniel Le" <daniel.le at>
>David, please see my answers inline.
>Also a few questions, if you don't mind:
>1. When I run one dhclient process per network interface, is it better
>to have a common client config file with interface-specific info
>enclosed in interface "eth0" {...}, or separate config files?
>2. I notices in my testing that the dhclient.leases file is common.
>Additional leases are appended at the end. However, new dhclient process
>Id overwrites an existing PID in the file, thus only the
>last process id is saved. Is this intended?
>3. I'm not sure how "dhclient -r" works. The command does not kill the
>dhclient process and dhclient.leases does not remove the address that
>was leased.
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>On Mon, Nov 02, 2009 at 11:17:29PM -0500, Daniel Le wrote:
>> An add-on note: in reading the output again, I realized that the 
>> client does receive advertisements from the server, re. RCV: Advertise
>> message on eth0 from fe80::21e:f7ff:fe84:85c3.
>Yes, your server is advertising that it has no addresses to give.
>The client doesn't want a lease without addresses...
>The output here is what your server is sending in the error message
>string at the end of the status code option the server supplies:
>> IA_NA status code NoAddrsAvail: "NOADDRS-AVAIL"
>I think the helpful text your server is providing is pretty lame.
>In the ISC DHCPv6 server for example it would look like:
>| IA_NA status code NoAddrsAvail: "No addresses available for this
>[DL] Indeed. It was a DHCPv6 server (Cisco router C3750) pool
>configuration issue and has been corrected in my test environment.
>> 5. What does " ip: either "dev" is duplicate, or "permanent" is a 
>> garbage" refer to?
>News to me.  That placement in the client's processing is at the start
>when it wants to initialize the interface - flush any previous
>configuration out.  So it is probably semi harmless in that you might
>not notice a problem from it.
>Can you do /sbin/ip -V for me?  We can see if there's a different,
>backwards compatible syntax we can use.
>[DL] I'm using the ip utility that is included in BusyBox v1.1.3, and
>unfortunately this compact version of ip does not handle the option -V
>to display its version.
>[DL] I tried to flush all previous IP addresses, brought the interface
>down and back up, but still was not able to make the message 'ip: either
>"dev" is duplicate, or "permanent" is a garbage' go away. The lease was
>nevertheless successful. FYI, I run udhcpc client on the same network
>interface for DHCPv4 addresses.
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