Does dhcpd3.1.3 ever behave differently in 172.16/12 Space?

Randall C Grimshaw rgrimsha at
Fri Nov 6 18:03:08 UTC 2009

What are your relays? Giaddrs? Wired or wireless? Do you have a packet analyzer available on the client? Any behavior difference between MAC and Windows clients?


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Subject: Does dhcpd3.1.3 ever behave differently in 172.16/12 Space?

I will be absolutely shocked if the answer is yes, but I was
asked to enquire about this so my apologies for what may seem
like a lame question.

	Are there any issues that are specific to 172.16/12
number space? dhcp Version 3.1.3 is working beautifully on all
our other private and public networks.

	We see the DHCPDISCOVER from the client, our DHCPOFFER
and then never any DHCPREQUEST from the client. It is most
likely an issue with the system that forwards the packets back
to the DHCP server. Right now, we are looking at every
possibility so I was asked to check to see if there are any bugs
that would be subnet specific.

	Thanks for any answers and for your patience.

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