Subnet, Pool, and Zone Declarations

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You can always test your configuration before restarting the service like

dhcpd -cf /path/to/dhcpd.conf -t

On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 4:27 PM, Chris Buxton <cbuxton at> wrote:

> The documentation of the syntax of dhcpd.conf seems to be quite thin and
> vague, depending more on examples than reference data. Therefore, if the
> syntax you have used works, then it's probably correct - or at least there's
> no definitive way to disprove it.
> However, as a member of the team supporting an IPAM solution such as you
> describe, I can say that our development team has had a very difficult time
> trying to accommodate all possible combinations of statements in dhcpd.conf.
> Therefore I'm not surprised that your vendor's product has trouble with the
> syntax you've used - nowhere in the dhcpd.conf manpage does it say that it
> is valid to declare a zone inside another declaration.
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> On Nov 7, 2009, at 9:30 AM, Merton Campbell Crockett wrote:
>  Can a zone declaration appear within a pool or subnet declaration?
>> My company acquired an IP Address Management (IPAM) system.  One of its
>> features is that it provides a place to store information about a system
>> that, normally, would not be in a DNS zone file.  Another is that it
>> provides a safe way to allow server administrators and site support
>> personnel to make DNS changes.  Another feature is that it allows IT and
>> Security personnel to see the DHCP lease assignments and identify which IP
>> addresses are currently leased and by what systems.
>> My question involves this last feature.  At several sites, I have included
>> a zone declaration inside a subnet or pool declaration.  The rationale for
>> doing this was that the zones were unique and only to be used for systems
>> that were leased addresses from the subnet or pool.  DHCP 3.1.2p1 accepts
>> this construct.
>> The vendor of the IPAM system has done a relatively good job of ensuring
>> that the IPAM system conforms to DNS and DHCP standards; however, it won't
>> process DHCP lease information when there is a zone declaration within a
>> subnet or pool declaration.
>> Is my usage of zone declaration within a subnet or pool declaration valid?
>>  Does the vendor of the IPAM system have a "bug" in its implementation that
>> needs to be corrected?
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