Can you Force DDNS names to Lower Case?

Martin McCormick martin at
Mon Nov 16 14:54:13 UTC 2009

"McDonald, Dan" writes:
> rather than stoping named, just do rndc freeze zonename, make your edits 
> ( including incrementing the serial number) then rndc thaw zonename. Much 
> less disruptive and completely compatible with dynamic zones.

	That is an excellent suggestion. I will save that idea
for future reference. What I ended up doing was based on another
suggestion I got and it works but it is not as elegant. What you
do is to grep for the offending domain names from the zone, make
a nsupdate file out of these records and then another out of
these same records adjusted to the proper format. Do

update delete

in front of all the records with the bad format and remove them
from DNS. If you get them all, the $origin directives go away.
They come back formatted correctly as soon as you either add the
corrected records back or dhcpd re-registers them. It is best to
do this during off-peak times. Unless someone is running some
sort of server, nobody will notice anything.

Martin McCormick

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