Passing Interface Name to Event Script

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Tue Nov 17 07:58:36 UTC 2009

Rick Solotke wrote:

>Thanks to both of you for the bridging suggestion.  I have used the
>Linux Ethernet bridge in the past, but hadn't even considered it in this
>situation.  The end devices connected to the router in this setup are
>custom devices that appear to be sensitive to receiving unexpected
>traffic.  I believe that with bridging, there will be circumstances when
>packets will be forwarded out every bridge interface (prior to the
>bridge learning which port to use for a given address).

In that case, they'll struggle to work on any normal network - if 
their network stacks are that broken, send then back and refuse to 
accept them until they aren't broken ! ANY network switch will 
forward all broadcast traffic, plus any traffic for MACs it doesn't 
have a table entry for, to all ports - that's how they work, and the 
Linux bridge code is no different in that respect.

And of course, if you use a hub (yes they still exist and have their 
uses) then each device sees ALL traffic on the network.

What you can do with a Linux bridge, that you can't with a normal 
one, is to run packet filtering and drop certain traffic if needed.

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