Passing Interface Name to Event Script

Rick Solotke RSolotke at
Tue Nov 17 18:06:51 UTC 2009

>In that case, they'll struggle to work on any normal network - if 
>their network stacks are that broken, send then back and refuse to 
>accept them until they aren't broken ! ANY network switch will 
>forward all broadcast traffic, plus any traffic for MACs it doesn't 
>have a table entry for, to all ports - that's how they work, and the 
>Linux bridge code is no different in that respect.

Yes, you are correct that they will not work on a normal network.
They're not intended to.  This is a closed setup with only my router
machine and the devices directly connected to it.

>And of course, if you use a hub (yes they still exist and have their 
>uses) then each device sees ALL traffic on the network.

I realized they still exist, but didn't realize they still have their
uses.  :)

Thanks again for your continued help.


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