Pool/Scope or subnet with PXE boot options?

Bruce Hudson Bruce.Hudson at Dal.Ca
Fri Oct 9 14:41:35 UTC 2009

> a. How does a client request those options?
> b. I thought all client within the defined scope would receive those 
>    options.

    Client requests include a "parameter request list" to ask for the
options it wants and knows how to deal with. Since it is possible for
options to run out of room, the server provides those options in the
order requested. It can provide more options if required but this will
normally require special configuration.

    Of course, the "next-server" and "filename" options are fixed fields
rather than using vendor space so this does not apply to them specifically.
They should always be included. In general though, as Glen said, a client
is only given the options requested.

> c. Wouldn't any client act on the next-server option?

    How a client responds to anything is largely undefined. Certainly
including a "next-server" will not force a client to run something 
like tftp to download a file on its own; at least not in general. 
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