how to get slp-directory-agent option working

dhottinger at dhottinger at
Wed Oct 14 11:04:10 UTC 2009

Im not sure if this will help but I have the following in my main  
dhcpd.conf file:
  option slp-directory-agent true;
         option slp-service-scope true somscopeSCOPE;

Im running novell, and clients seem to be getting the options.  There  
is an slpsnoop tool that I got (dont remember where) that verifies this.


Quoting Simon Hobson <dhcp1 at>:

> At 15:50 -0300 13/10/09, Matt Ashfield wrote:
>> I guess I originally incorrectly assumed that any global declarations would
>> be pushed out to the client, whether they are requested or not.
>> Unfortunately, that is exactly what i need at the moment.
> dhcp-parameter-request-list will allow you to force a different set of
> options to be sent - but it won't make a client do anything with
> something it doesn't want.
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