To add some filter rules in conf file

Ashmath Khan at
Thu Oct 29 08:48:36 UTC 2009

> Eh ? You cannot NOT specify a range for one simple reason - the server
> needs to know what addresses in the subnet it is allowed to issue to
> clients. This is NOT the same as "all addresses in the subnet" since there
> MUST be not less than one address in use by either a router or the DHCP
> server itself. Unlike some other systems, this package doesn't "guess" (with
> all the non-deterministic problems that can cause) - it relies on the
> administrator to tell it what the setup should be.
> Like your earlier queries, I'm really struggling to understand why you are
> going out of your way to make things difficult for yourself.
> Right, it should always pick the free address from the pool for that
subnet. Its the requirements I have which define such behaviour. So I am
basically writing a software which will write a conf file given the set of
rules. thanks.

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