problem in dhcp server release dhcp-3.1.2p1 regarding option-12

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Tue Sep 1 11:41:53 UTC 2009


In a previous mail from me with the titel "Segmentation fault issue with omapi on release dhcp-3.1.2p1" I reported a problem with client-hostname. After a little bit more investigation it shows the following.

The problem we have seen is related to that the client sends a packet where option 12 is 64 byte long and includes the string "atRouter" where the string starts with 0x00 and ends with 0x00.

According to RFC2132 which refers to RFC1035 states that the option-12 string:
- Must start with a letter
- Must end with a letter
- All enterior characters must be only letters, digits, and hyphen

Because of this client misbehaviour omapi crasches as described in previous mail.
My suggestion is due very little work on omapi that this problem is fixed in the dhcp-server, e.g if a client sends a "faulty" option-12 this option is totally ignored or changed to a value like "illegal".

Any thoughts on this!
/Nils Magnusson

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