Failover with eMTAs

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Tue Sep 1 16:49:00 UTC 2009

I am trying to setup Failover for MTAs.  I have configured failover before
for normal modem booting and that works great, but not having much success
with mtas.  


I have option 122 (suboptions 1 and 2) configured to allow both of my mta
dhcp servers.  I seem to be hitting a problem where an mta is never
responding to the OFFER from suboption 2 when the server for suboption 1
tells it to load balance to suboption 2's ip.  So what happens is:


Server1 gets a DISCOVER - tells it to load balance to peer

Server2 gets a DISCOVER

Server2 sends OFFER

Rinse repeat forever.


Does anyone have a working setup where you are doing dhcp failover with mta
devices?  Any tips?  Do I need to maybe set my split option to not load
balance?  Any tips or information would help, and if you need more
information please ask.  Thanks.



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