Failover with eMTAs

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I would open up a ticket with your eMTA vendor.


Our approach has been two appliances that move a third IP address between
the two and sync data behind the scenes with an associated heartbeat.  If
either server goes down, the other server gets the third IP address and
things go on their merry way.  This solves the problem for all the CPE,
STBs, CMS, in addition to eMTAs.




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I am trying to setup Failover for MTAs.  I have configured failover before
for normal modem booting and that works great, but not having much success
with mtas.  


I have option 122 (suboptions 1 and 2) configured to allow both of my mta
dhcp servers.  I seem to be hitting a problem where an mta is never
responding to the OFFER from suboption 2 when the server for suboption 1
tells it to load balance to suboption 2's ip.  So what happens is:


Server1 gets a DISCOVER - tells it to load balance to peer

Server2 gets a DISCOVER

Server2 sends OFFER

Rinse repeat forever.


Does anyone have a working setup where you are doing dhcp failover with mta
devices?  Any tips?  Do I need to maybe set my split option to not load
balance?  Any tips or information would help, and if you need more
information please ask.  Thanks.



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