Two different IP addresses leased out to the same device

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Fri Sep 11 06:57:28 UTC 2009

David Coulthart wrote:

>What is the expected behavior on lease renewal if a client is 
>initially issued a lease keyed on UID/Client-ID, but then the 
>client's hardware address is added to a class that is denied access 
>to the pool from which the original lease was issued?  I would hope 
>the "deny members of" configuration would take precedence even 
>though it's based on hardware address instead of UID

That is what should happen.

>, but I believe I'm seeing behavior that suggests otherwise.  Note 
>this is on an older 3.0.x releas

Well there were many, many fixes among the 3.0.x releases.

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