DHCP Problems

João Kuchnier joao.kuchnier at gmail.com
Mon Sep 28 22:24:23 UTC 2009

Thanks Folks...

I think I will have to design a plan to manage with fixed addresses.

Lot of work to do.

Best regards,

João K.

2009/9/28 Niall O'Reilly <Niall.oReilly at ucd.ie>:
> João Kuchnier wrote:
>> Doug,
>> There is now other way to fix this issue?
>        No.
>        When you configure a range, you specify that every address
>        in the range is available for dynamic allocation.  That's
>        what "range" means, in the configuration language.
>> João K.
>> 2009/9/28 Doug Armstrong <doug at ovationdata.com>:
>>> João Kuchnier wrote:
>>>> Hi everyone!
>>>> I'm having some problems with my DHCP Server configuration.
>>>> I trying to change all my LAN computers to DHCP, however, plenty of
>>>> them needs static IP.
>        You have to design your addressing plan so that fixed addresses
>        are in one part of the space, and dynamic ranges in another.
>        There nothing to stop you having lots of little ranges,
>        separated by a fixed address here and there, as in Doug's
>        example, if that's what you need for the situation you've
>        inherited.
>        Wishing for some "other way to fix this issue" rather than
>        the way the configuration language provides is likely to be
>        as fruitful as wishing Portuguese or Italian were the same as
>        Spanish.
>        Best regards,
>        Niall O'Reilly
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