Failover/load-balancing with dhcp client bug on "seconds elapsed" field

Daniel Duarte dan.r.duarte at
Thu Apr 15 15:09:14 UTC 2010

>  Yes. Both servers will respond and offer the same address, the client will
> accept one of the offers.

We've just finished testing the configuration. It solved our problems. The
clients are finally being served (thanks for the tip).

However we saw a different behaviour than expected. DHCP1 now immediately
answers the discovers, but dhcp0 continues ignoring them. From what we saw
we believe that:
- the pool is no longer being balanced between servers (confirmed on the
leases file);
- however the clients seem to continue being split between servers.

Looks like that dhcp0 will only answer when seconds elapsed becomes greater
than the configured max seconds. On this specific scenario, it means that
the only redundancy available for dhcp1 is to manually shut down the server
and changing dhcp0 to partner down mode.

Is it normal for the clients to continue being split between servers?

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