use include statement in a nested block

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Thu Apr 29 15:57:21 UTC 2010

Loris Boillet wrote:
>(please keep CC as I am not subscribed to this list)

Hmm, you want help, but aren't prepared to subscribe to the list 
where you're asking for it. Or put another way, you're asking for 
**free** help, but you expect others to put extra effort into giving 
it instead of doing your bit to make it as easy as possible for those 
giving their time and effort for free.

>Should the include statement work in a nested block? Is there a way 
>to move the range declaration without including the whole subnet?

I don't believe so, and I can't think of one.

But I am curious as to what you are trying to achieve.

Simon Hobson

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