dhcpserver and dhcperf on same machine - still not working

Marc Perea marccp at srttel.com
Thu Aug 12 21:36:27 UTC 2010

Hi Rajitha,
please take a look at your DHCP logs, not the dhcperf logs.
I haven't ever seen a config with 0s for the network and mask - I don't know how ISC handles that. I think the following would at least be more appropriate, even if it doesn't fix anything:
subnet netmask {
IP protocols utilize a source and destination address and a source and destination port. The port you can set in dhcperf is the source port which it SENDS TO and RECEIVES FROM on, not the port that it will address the packet to. It will send DHCP client requests on port 67 regardless of what you set this flag to, which the DHCP server needs to be listening on. I believe this functionality is added in order to potentially bypass ACL/firewalls. Generally, you just let the OS select the next available unused and arbitrary port to send FROM, and the service type you are using will determine what port is getting sent TO (67 = DHCP, 25 = SMTP, 80 = HTTP, ...). dhcperf can send from an arbitrary port, or one of your choosing, I doubt it really matters.
dhcperf is telling you everything that it can - it can't talk to the dhcp server - you need to look at the dhcp server and see what it's telling you about this failure.
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