Using virtual interface with dhcpd v3.0.5

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Wed Aug 18 06:56:16 UTC 2010

Gene LeDuc wrote:

>This morning we copied the conf and lease files and started the 
>server on the new machine.  It was processing DHCPDISCOVER requests 
>on our eth1 interface, but not on the virtual eth1:1 interface. 
>Both interfaces were processing DHCPREQUESTs.
>Any thoughts on what we need to do to get this working again?
>Also, can I put "eth1 eth1:1" on the startup command line, or is 
>"eth1" sufficient?

You can't use virtual interfaces with DHCP. Think about it, when a 
broadcast packet comes in, how you you figure which interface it 
should have been destined for ?

What are you trying to achieve by using virtual interfaces ?

Simon Hobson

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