logmessages in dhcpd 4.2.0

Tom Schmitt TomSchmitt at gmx.de
Mon Aug 30 11:59:47 UTC 2010


I upgraded to dhcpd version 4.2.0 and found a few new debug messages in my logfiles after that.

General question:
Is there somewhere a documentation were the meaning of these debug messages is described?

If not, could someone explain to me the meaning of lines like this one:
Adap-lease: Total: 127, Free: 64, Ends: 2748, Adaptive: 21600, Fill: 0, Threshold: 80
--> "Total" could be the number of dynamic leases in the pool and "Free" the number of leases controlled by this failoverpeer, but the rest of the line I cannot decipher.

Another type of debug messages are the ping replys. I'm pinging a address to make sure that it's reachable and the dhcpd seems to intercept the answer and writes logmessages like this one:
unexpected ICMP Echo Reply from
Is this the behaviour that is intended? (why?)

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