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Chen, Christof christof at chen.de
Mon Aug 30 16:16:47 UTC 2010

> If not, could someone explain to me the meaning of lines like this one:
> Adap-lease: Total: 127, Free: 64, Ends: 2748, Adaptive: 21600, Fill: 0,
> Threshold: 80
> --> "Total" could be the number of dynamic leases in the pool and "Free"
> the number of leases controlled by this failoverpeer, but the rest of the
> line I cannot decipher.
You enabled the adaptive lease time feature for this pool.
"Total" is the number of IPs in the pool,  "Free" is the number of Free IPs,
"Ends" is the time in seconds the current lease is still valid, "Adaptive"
is the proposed new duration, "Fill" is the percentage filled, and Threshold
is the configured percentage when the adaptive lease time feature will start
to clamp the lease time.

Best regards,
   Christof Chen
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