What option information does current Windows accept?

Stewart Dean sdean at bard.edu
Wed Dec 1 19:07:30 UTC 2010

I'm migrating our DHCP services from AIX to Lnx (anyone out there done that and 
have advice?) and am looking at my AIX-DHCP config file before migration.
When I first fired DHCP up some 11 years ago, I then inserted a comment that MS 
Windows of that time (V3.1???) would only accept the subnet mask, domain name, 
nameserver and gateway address...although I appear to have globally also passed 
the SMTP and NTP server addresses.  And that all still works.
But I wondered:
= Does current Windows (XP, V & 7) accept more options?
= I recall that at that time, Redmond didn't always release expired leases (we 
*know* where the center of the universe really is!).

Does anyone have or have a pointer to the current wisdom, warnings and quirks 
(if any) of Windows and OSX?


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