IPv6 and option 18

Paolo Prandini prandini at spe.net
Wed Dec 1 19:04:54 UTC 2010

I would like to add that I found the problem.
The code in server/dhcpv6.c ( I am referring to 4.2.0 ) is broken in
regards to treatment of option 18 ( interface-id).
I wrote a fix, if anyone is interested I can release it on the list,
it is about 20 lines of code.

Il 30/11/2010 11.27, Paolo Prandini ha scritto:
> I would like to use the option 18 inserted by the dhcp relay agent
> (a string like "AT2/1.0") to identify an host, I tried with:
> host AVM {
>         host-identifier option dhcp6.interface-id "AT2/1.0";
>         fixed-address6 2a00:19a8:1::2;
>         fixed-prefix6 2a00:19a8:101:: /48;
> }
> I get no syntax errors, but even if the interface-id is correctly set ( I checked
> with tcpdump ) no lease is assigned.
> of course with client-id it works correcty:
> host AVM {
>         host-identifier option dhcp6.client-id 01:03:00:01:00:1e:be:bc:5d:c2;
>         fixed-address6 2a30:19a8:1::2;
>         fixed-prefix6 2a30:19a8:101:: /48;
> }
> Where is the fault?
> Thanks a lot!

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