Assigning IP Address Using Option 82 in one Subnet

Rico Zoss rico.zoss at
Mon Dec 13 09:12:08 UTC 2010

So as described in one of the first posts, the idea is to have an
information where the DHCP_DISCOVER comes from. So the option 82 give
the informations I need to have a unique identifier with combination of
client-id/circuit-id to assing the ip address. I know that this usage of
the relay client is non standard. So therefore I don't know if it is
possible to use it like that. It seems not to be ...

Am 13.12.2010 09:55, schrieb Alex Bligh:
> --On 13 December 2010 08:09:05 +0100 Rico Zoss <rico.zoss at>
> wrote:
>> As I understand your last sentence, your relay agents are running on a
>> router. So therefor the dhcp-server is not in the same subnet. Or do
>> your
>> relay agents on the APs block the broadcast in any case?
> Why do you need a relay agent at all if the DHCP server is on the same
> broadcast domain as the client?
> It sounds to me that the dhcp relay agent in your switch is there for
> when it is operating in L3 mode.
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