Some DHCids not created

Nicolas Ecarnot nicolas at
Tue Dec 14 14:04:16 UTC 2010

Le 09/12/2010 18:54, Chris Buxton a écrit :
 >> [...]
>> But, for 5 ou 10 hosts, I see that the A record and the reverse get
>> created but not the DHCID. That leads to the situation of the next
>> DHCPREQUEST, where the DHCP server checks the presence of the
>> DHCid, does not find it and complains.
>> I the logs, I don't see a single word about the non-creation of the
>> DHCID, and no one seem to had a similar issue on this mailing
>> list...
> Do you see a log message indicating that the A record was
> successfully created? If so, I suggest a packet sniffer to see what's
> being sent (and by what hosts). Perhaps you've found a bug in MS DNS
> -- something like, if two updates arrive for the same A record
> simultaneously (or close enough that DNS can't tell the difference),
> the first is incorporated into the zone and the second is not, but
> both are acknowledged without error message. Just speculating
> here...

First, thank you for answering.

After some log file filtering, I've found out that this issue only 
occurs with the HP iLO remote console hosts.
We also have many DRAC (Dell remote access) configured in the same way, 
and working fine.

I don't see what role the client plays about the creation of the DHCid - 
I thought this was server-driven ONLY... ???

Anyway, the suggestion of Chris still needs to be explored - my next task.

Nicolas Ecarnot

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