Some DHCids not created

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Tue Dec 14 16:02:55 UTC 2010

Nicolas Ecarnot wrote:

>After some log file filtering, I've found out that this issue only 
>occurs with the HP iLO remote console hosts.
>We also have many DRAC (Dell remote access) configured in the same 
>way, and working fine.
>I don't see what role the client plays about the creation of the 
>DHCid - I thought this was server-driven ONLY... ???

It might be worth snooping some packets (both DHCP and DDNS) and have 
a good look at the contents. I recall an interesting problem some 
years ago with some print server boxes that padded the client ID out 
to some fixed length with nulls - and the nulls acted as a string 
terminator and "rather messed up" something (DDNS IIRC).

Simon Hobson

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