mac->ip mapping from *muffled* backend?

Christ Schlacta lists at
Wed Dec 15 07:56:30 UTC 2010

you can configure static leases in dhcpd.conf, such as:
host density {
         hardware ethernet 00:50:2C:0A:36:FA;

is there some way to specify a similar mapping (ethernet, hostname, or 
client ID, or any other reasonable source to Hostname, IP, or similarly 
reasonable address)  from an SQL, radius, ldap, etc.  backend?
As a reasonably competent individual, I can ensure that such static 
leases are reasonably allocated (not overlapping automatic, no 
duplicates, etc.), and don't conflict with any others, it's just a pain 
to have to store them in flat files.  a mysql backend would be divine, 
but any other would be better than this flat file thing.

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