mac->ip mapping from *muffled* backend?

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Wed Dec 15 08:13:51 UTC 2010

Christ Schlacta wrote:
>you can configure static leases in dhcpd.conf, such as:
>host density {
>         hardware ethernet 00:50:2C:0A:36:FA;
>         fixed-address;
>is there some way to specify a similar mapping (ethernet, hostname, 
>or client ID, or any other reasonable source to Hostname, IP, or 
>similarly reasonable address)  from an SQL, radius, ldap, etc. 

There are some patches to do it in LDAP, and I think there was talk 
recently of some SQL patches being worked on.

However, you can very easily generate the flat file format from 
whatever database you like - just script an export that creates the 
right format in a text file. You can use the include directive in the 
main config so that you can have a separate file with nothing but the 
host files in it - that makes the script much simpler.

Simon Hobson

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