mac->ip mapping from *muffled* backend?

Alex Bligh alex at
Wed Dec 15 10:29:06 UTC 2010

--On 14 December 2010 23:56:30 -0800 Christ Schlacta <lists at> 

> is there some way to specify a similar mapping (ethernet, hostname, or
> client ID, or any other reasonable source to Hostname, IP, or similarly
> reasonable address)  from an SQL, radius, ldap, etc.  backend?
> As a reasonably competent individual, I can ensure that such static
> leases are reasonably allocated (not overlapping automatic, no
> duplicates, etc.), and don't conflict with any others, it's just a pain
> to have to store them in flat files.  a mysql backend would be divine,
> but any other would be better than this flat file thing.

I think you want to do static maps of hardware address to other
stuff in SQL or LDAP etc.

LDAP support is in 4.2.0 out the box.

For SQL support, look here:
and here:
The first has the newer patch, the latter has the documentation.

Alex Bligh

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