exceedingly long time in assigning ip addresses

Massimo Manghi massimo.manghi at unipr.it
Wed Dec 15 12:14:05 UTC 2010

thanks to all those responded to my help request.
The 'shared-network' declaration seems to me the
right way to proceed, at least I think it's the first
attempt to be done as it has a good chance to fix
the problem with minimum costs.

Unfortunately, to the people running the other dhcp
the expression 'shared-network' sounded like they
were forced to share their resources across
the whole network.

I explained that, to my understanding,
the 'shared-network' declaration is descriptive of
the fact the whole physical network
in the building shares the broadcast domain, and it won't
change a bit their data safety. It's seems their concerns
are giving in and we'll give it a chance soon.

Thanks Bjarne for the  reference to the thread discussing
the kernel parameters. I hope it's not a performance
problem...but it's nice to have this knowledge at hand.


  -- Massimo

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