exceedingly long time in assigning ip addresses

Bjarne Blichfeldt BJB at jndata.dk
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I've been lurking on the list for a while now hoping to see someone to 

bring up this or a similar problem.


I'm managing a medium size network (a zone of a larger campus size 

network) and I've used dhcp for assigning ip addresses for quite a long 

time now. During the last year an increasing number of windows clients 

are having problems when they are started up. IP address negotiation can

take as long as 30 mins while the dhcp log shows a series of the usual 

messages, apparently displaying a flawless exchange


Sounds like the symptoms we encountered. Look in the mailing list
archive for :

Subject "Performance issue ( maybe ) - followup and solution"


In my case, I just needed to tune the linux kernel.



Bjarne Blichfeldt


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