dhclient -6 Solicit message T1/T2 and IAID in IA_NA

adrian mamolea adrian_mamolea at verizon.net
Mon Feb 15 15:33:08 UTC 2010

In dhclient 4.1.1 there seems to be no way to configure the the
way IA_NA are requested.

1. value used for T1 and T2.

Based on RFC 3315 section 22.4 par 8:
In a message sent by a client to a server, values in the T1 and T2
fields indicate the client's preference for those parameters.
I was expecting to be able to populate these fields with
client lease time preference.

Looking through the code, there seems that T1/T2 are hard coded
to 3600/5400.

2. IAID.
There is no way to specify the IAID.

Is this the case? Did I miss anything?

Should I just conclude there is no way for a client to express
its preferred lease time and how many IA_NA per interface are sent?


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