ddns: how to set a CNAME entry?

Harald Dunkel harald.dunkel at aixigo.de
Fri Feb 26 07:43:53 UTC 2010

On 02/25/10 14:54, Alan Clegg wrote:
> Harald Dunkel wrote:
>> Is there some trick to add a CNAME record for ddns (interim
>> style)? The man page doesn't mention CNAME at all, AFAICS.
> It's "just another RR"... I'm not sure how DHCP would be adding this
> record.  Can you provide a description of what you are trying to do exactly?

I have to generate virtual hosts on the fly by cloning and
configuring a template host. The virtual hosts have to get
an "official name" like


and a name that is easy to type, like


Both names should be set in ddns on request of the dhcp
daemon when the virtual host sends a DHCP request.

The appropriate dhcp configuration is generated by the
software creating the clone. Currently each host gets a
config record like

host dep1-build-sol10u6-042 {
	hardware ethernet 00:16:36:61:74:c4;
	ddns-hostname "dep1-build-sol10u6-042";
	option host-name "dep1-build-sol10u6-042";
subclass "virtual-host" 1:00:16:36:61:74:c4;

The IP address is taken from an address range, of course.

How do I get the "vhost042" in?



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