static IP allocations in dynamic ranges -why not?

Joshua West jwest at
Mon Jun 7 17:22:42 UTC 2010

Hey Nicola,

On 06/07/10 10:27, Foggi, Nicola wrote:
> Something like this will set the reserved flag via omshell:
> port 7911
> server
> key xxxx xxxx
> connect
> new lease
> set ip-address=$IP
> open
> set flags=04:00:00:00
> update
> refresh

Yeah thats exactly how I was setting a lease to reserved.

> You cannot unset it reserved from what i've found.

Ugh what a pain.

> 2. If the lease is not in an ACTIVE state when you set it to RESERVED the server will error out and shut down with an error message something like lease state transition invalid.  You can then go manually edit the lease file and fix the lease.  Again, only saw this on our failover pair of dhcp servers, not on a stand alone, but this was harder to duplicate, so i may of not done it right on the stand alone.

I ran into this too.  It was actually shutting down DHCPD, like you
said.  Rather scary.  I was able to reproduce the issue consistently by
creating a brand new lease using omshell, which previously didn't exist
in dhcpd.leases.  Every time, DHCPD would exit with an error to syslog. 
Modifying an existing lease to become reserved seemed to work fine though.

It was at this point that I decided against using RESERVED lease
definitions and instead just went to fixed-address style.

Joshua West
Senior Systems Engineer
Brandeis University

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