static IP allocations in dynamic ranges -why not?

Dorsey, Chris dorsey2 at
Mon Jun 7 22:18:32 UTC 2010

As per Nicola, the following works for reserving via omshell.

omshell <<EOF
port 7911
server your-IP-goes-here
key key-name-goes-here  your-secret-goes-here
new lease
set ip-address =
set flags=04:00:00:00

Unfortunately there is no 'unreserve' to get back out of that state.  I tried 'set flags=00:00:00:00' and even 'unset flags' which caused the dhcpd to exit with a segv.  I haven't pursued it further (like to get a core), but it was very consistent (dhcpd 4.1.1 on Redhat 5 with 2.6.18-164.9.1.el5 and patched pretty recently)  That along with other tinkering with omshell makes me think this isn't quite ready for prime time yet for my purposes.  Taking the 'shut-down-the-server; modify dhcpd.leases; restart-the-server' approach, I've got a short perl script to use as a pipe filter for setting/clearing the reserved flag.  More bubblegum.....mmmmm


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