Router woes, need help with static IPs

Bobby Gill bobbygill at
Mon Mar 1 23:52:58 UTC 2010

>  Hi,
> I have several WRT54gs's also (not sure if I have a v5 though.)
> If you can (and some versions can't - others can but have limits, and most
> will just work,) I would download and flash your router with the DD-WRT
> replacement firmware which will add all sorts of features to your router,
> one of which is the ability to assign static DHCP addresses.
> I use it for all my machiens at home. I couldn't live with out it.
> You can get it at:
> Just click the top box under support, and look up your router, then
> download what it suggests.

Thanks a ton Kyle! Okay, so I grabbed the four files it showed under WRT54GS
v5, and now to be cautious I would like to check with you exactly how you
installed it.

I got to the installation wiki page here:
Is this what you followed? And I'm guessing it's ideal to use a Windows box
to do the install with? (Only ask because my desktop is a linux machine
upstairs and the router sits in the basement beside a headless server, so
just double-checking if I'd do best by bringing my other Win7 desktop

Thanks a lot :)
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