How to define Relay Agent Vendor Specific suboption inISCdhcpd.conf

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Tue Mar 2 02:08:19 UTC 2010


String type seems work.

I tried "encapsulation" definition also as below:

option space WIMAX;
option WIMAX.mip4_registration code 1 = unsigned integer 8;
option WIMAX.HA_IP code 2 = ip-address;

option space vsrso code width 4 length width 1;
option vsrso.wimax code 24757 = encapsulate WIMAX;

option agent.subscriber-id code 6 = text;
option agent.vendor-specific code 9 = encapsulate vsrso;

class "vendor-classes"
        match if exists agent.vendor-specific;

subclass "vendor-classes" "wimax"
        vendor-option-space vsrso;
        option vsrso.wimax;                     ==> line 38

But got below error:

Mar  1 16:20:25 dhcp-fedora dhcpd: All rights reserved.
Mar  1 16:20:25 dhcp-fedora dhcpd: For info, please visit
Mar  1 16:20:25 dhcp-fedora dhcpd: /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf line 38:
semicolon expected.
Mar  1 16:20:25 dhcp-fedora dhcpd: }

Tried some other combinations such as:
subclass "vendor-classes" "wimax"
        vendor-option-space vsrso;
        option vsrso.wimax.HA_IP;
It didn't work either.

Any idea on this?

Thanks a lot,

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On Sun, Feb 28, 2010 at 10:18:19PM -0800, Shu Lin wrote:
> - option: Relay Agent (82)
> -- vendor specific suboption (9)
> --- WiMAX vendor specific suboption (24757)
> ---- WiMAX HA IP suboption (2)
> You see the HA IP is already 4th level down into option. Is it
> to define it in dhcpd.conf?

We don't currently have official support for the vendor-specific relay
agent sub-option.  For now you could either configure sub-option 9
specifically as a string of octets in hex;

# Scope globally:
    option agent.vendor-specific code 9 = string;

# Scope client-locally assuming option 2's contents are '';
    option agent.vendor-specific 00:00:60:b5:06:02:04:0a:00:00:01;

Or you can navigate the new syntax (in 3.1 if memory serves) to
define option 9 as an encapsulation of an intermediary space, and
then define the enterprise-ID's as encapsulations of a space
specific to each vendor's enterprise #.

It's a lot harder to provide an example in that case.

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