How to define Relay Agent Vendor Specific suboptioninISCdhcpd.conf

Reissom Beshir Reissom_Beshir at
Fri Mar 5 16:44:17 UTC 2010

Monday, Mar 01, 2010 Shu Lin wrote:

> David,
> String type seems work.
> I tried "encapsulation" definition also as below:
> option space WIMAX;
> option WIMAX.mip4_registration code 1 = unsigned integer 8;
> option WIMAX.HA_IP code 2 = ip-address;
> option space vsrso code width 4 length width 1;
> option vsrso.wimax code 24757 = encapsulate WIMAX;
> option agent.subscriber-id code 6 = text;
> option agent.vendor-specific code 9 = encapsulate vsrso;
> class "vendor-classes"
> {
>        match if exists agent.vendor-specific;
> }
> subclass "vendor-classes" "wimax"
> {
>        vendor-option-space vsrso;
>        option vsrso.wimax;                     ==> line 38
> }

Note that 'if exists' is a boolean expression.
I am not sure how to construct the subclass to match a boolean value.
You may have to do away with the subclass statment and move the instructions 
to the class statement.

> But got below error:
> Mar  1 16:20:25 dhcp-fedora dhcpd: /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf line 38:
> semicolon expected.

The error here is you did not specify a value for the option, and it is
expecting a string/hexadecimal value when you configure it this way.  If I
am not mistaken you need to fill in the WIMAX option space.
  option WIMAX.mip4_registration 20;
  option WIMAX.HA_IP;

Hopefully the server will encapsulate the above in agent.vendor-specific as
per your instruction.

As for vendor-option-space statement, according to the dhcp-options manual:

    The vendor-option-space declaration tells the DHCP server to use options
    in the option space to construct the DHCPv4 vendor-encapsulated-options

so the server will send vsrso option space in option 43.  I don't think that
is your intention.


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