How to define Relay Agent Vendor Specific suboptioninISCdhcpd.conf

Reissom Beshir Reissom_Beshir at
Mon Mar 8 16:55:03 UTC 2010

On Fri, Mar 05, 2010 Shu Lin wrote:

> Thanks a lot for your reply.
> The problem is if we define the pool like below, 
> class "wimax-ha-"
> {
>        option WIMAX.HA_IP;
> }

You are missing a match expression in the class statement.
You used to have 'match if exists agent.vendor-specific'.
So you are close.

Here is the config:

option space WIMAX;
option WIMAX.mip4_registration code 1 = unsigned integer 8;
option WIMAX.HA_IP code 2 = ip-address;

option space vsrso code width 4 length width 1;
option vsrso.wimax code 24757 = encapsulate WIMAX;
option agent.vendor-specific code 9 = encapsulate vsrso;

class "wimax-ha-"
       match if exists agent.vendor-specific;
       option WIMAX.HA_IP;
subnet netmask
               allow members of "wimax-ha-";
               range dynamic-bootp;

I am hoping someone with more expertise can comment on the config.

Reissom Beshir

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